HC Deb 09 May 1944 vol 399 cc1831-2
Mr. Ede

I beg to move, in page 40, line 30, at the end, to insert: (2) In making any arrangements under this section for any child or young person a local education authority shall, so far as practicable give effect to the wishes of the parent of the child or to the wishes of the young person, as the case may be, with respect to the religious denomination of the person with whom he will reside. I think this is probably the one case in the Bill where it might be argued that the general provisions with regard to the wishes of the parents might not have been comprehensive. We desire to make it quite clear that if a child is boarded out, the local authority shall take every step it can to ensure that the child shall be boarded out with a family of the same religious persuasion as the parents of the child. That is the existing law which I believe every good local education authority would endeavour to carry out, but we want to put the matter beyond any doubt.

Mr. Messer

I should be inconsistent if I did not say anything here. I have not once, but many times, pored over my desk in an attempt to find an alternative phrase to "so far as practicable." I have not succeeded, and I would very much like to consult the draftsman of this Bill to see whether he cannot have that phrase changed to something more definite.

Mr. Logan

We are very thankful indeed to find a Clause of this description because we feel it will be very satisfactory for boys and girls, in a change from home life, to be in an environment to which they have been previously accustomed. We think it will assist us very greatly for that to be incorporated in the Bill.

Amendment agreed to.