HC Deb 09 May 1944 vol 399 cc1799-865
  1. PART I 401 words
  2. c1800
  3. PART II 441 words
  4. c1801
  5. CLAUSE 1.—(Appointment of Minister in charge of education and reconstitution of Board of Education.) 179 words
  6. c1801
  7. CLAUSE 2.—(Transfer of property and functions to Minister and construction of Acts and documents.) 48 words
  8. cc1801-2
  9. CLAUSE 3.—(Seal and acts of Minister.) 81 words
  10. c1802
  11. CLAUSE 4.—(Central Advisory Councils.) 13 words
  12. c1802
  13. CLAUSE 9.—(County schools, auxiliary schools, nursery schools, and special schools.) 133 words
  14. cc1802-3
  15. CLAUSE 10.—(Development plans as to primary and secondary schools.) 169 words
  16. cc1803-4
  17. CLAUSE 11.—(Local education orders with respect to primary and secondary education.) 283 words
  18. c1804
  19. CLAUSE 14.—(Classification of auxiliary schools as controlled schools, aided schools, or special agreement schools.) 190 words
  20. cc1804-6
  21. CLAUSE 17.—(Managers of primary schools.) 730 words
  22. c1806
  23. CLAUSE 23.—(Appointment and dismissal of teachers in county schools and in auxiliary schools.) 61 words
  24. cc1806-7
  25. CLAUSE 27.—(Special provisions as to religious education in aided schools and in special agreement schools.) 251 words
  26. cc1807-14
  27. CLAUSE 31.—(Education of pupils requiring special educational treatment.) 2,682 words
  28. cc1814-7
  29. CLAUSE 37.—(Duty of parents to secure regular attendance of registered pupils.) 1,461 words
  30. cc1817-23
  31. CLAUSE 39.—(General duties of local education authorities in respect to further education.) 2,380 words
  32. cc1823-9
  33. CLAUSE 42.—(Duty to attend young people's colleges in accordance with college attendance notices.) 2,480 words
  34. cc1829-31
  35. CLAUSE 47.—(Provision of milk and meals at schools maintained by local education authorities.) 774 words
  36. cc1831-2
  37. CLAUSE 48.—(Provision of board and lodging otherwise than at boarding schools or colleges.) 312 words
  38. cc1832-9
  39. CLAUSE 52.—(Power to ensure cleanliness.) 2,625 words
  40. cc1839-54
  41. CLAUSE 59.—(Prohibition of fees in schools maintained by local education authorities and in young people's colleges.) 6,316 words
  42. cc1854-6
  43. CLAUSE 66.—(Registration of independent schools.) 449 words
  44. c1856
  45. CLAUSE 76.—(Power of local education authorities to give assistance by means of scholarships and otherwise.) 241 words
  46. c1856
  47. CLAUSE 92.—(Compensation of persons prejudicially affected by this Act.) 61 words
  48. c1857
  49. CLAUSE 97.—(Power of the Minister to make grants in respect of aided schools and special agreement schools transferred to new sites or established in substitution for former schools.) 68 words
  50. cc1857-65
  51. CLAUSE 98. — (Power of Minister to make loans to aided schools and special agreement schools in respect of initial expenditure.) 3,178 words
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