HC Deb 25 March 1943 vol 387 cc1796-871

Considered in Committee.

[Major MILNER in the Chair.]

Sir Douglas Hacking (Chorley)

Before the first Amendment is called, Major Milner, might I suggest that it would be for the convenience of the Committee if you would indicate the Amendments you intend to call in order to give us an opportunity of considering the position?

The Chairman

It is not usual to indicate what Amendments have been selected, but the Chair has, I hope, made a judicious selection in order to enable a full discussion to take place on every matter of importance. It may perhaps also help the Committee if I say that in-those cases where the Committee is agreed Amendments might be considered together. The Chair will indicate to the Committee when that might be done. I do not think I can say any more at this stage.

Sir Joseph Lamb (Stone)

May I be informed, Major Milner, whether my position when the time arrives to discuss Clause 17 will not be prejudiced?

The Chairman

The hon. Member will not be prejudiced.

  1. CLAUSE 1.—(The Catering Wages Com- mission and the workers to whom this Act applies.) 12,635 words
  2. c1827
  3. ROYAL ASSENT 33 words
  4. cc1827-63
  5. CATERING WAGES BILL 14,369 words, 2 divisions
  6. cc1863-71
  7. CLAUSE 2.—(General functions of the Commission.) 3,001 words
  8. c1871
  10. c1871
  11. GAS (SPECIAL ORDERS) 57 words