HC Deb 08 July 1942 vol 381 cc757-9
28. Mr. David Adams

asked the Under-Secretary of State for the Colonies, what conditions are attached to the release of Wallace Johnson, trade union leader, of Sierra Leone; and whether he is now permitted to resume his customary services on behalf of the workers?

Mr. Harold Macmillan

The conditions under which Wallace Johnson has been released from detention are contained in a Restriction Order issued by the Governor. With my hon. Friend's permission, I will circulate a copy of this Order in the OFFICIAL REPORT.

Following is the Restriction Order:

"Whereas I am satisfied with respect to I.T.A. Wallace Johnson that with a view to preventing him from acting in any manner prejudicial to public safety or defence it is necessary to make the following order:—

Now therefore in exercise of the powers conferred upon me by Regulations 17 and 18 of the Defence Regulations (No. 11) 1939, I hereby Order that the said I.T.A. Wallace Johnson

  1. (1) shall not on and after the date of this Order be in any area in Sierra Leone other than the area of the town of Bonthe; which area for the purposes of this Order shall be that described in paragraph (2) of Schedule A to the Sherboro Judicial District Ordinance, 1924;
  2. (2) shall reside at Bonthe in such building as the District Commissioner, Bonthe, may indicate and shall not without the prior' consent in writing of the said District Commissioner, Bonthe, change his place of residence to any other building;
  3. (3) shall not absent himself from the area of the town of Bonthe without the prior consent of the District Commissioner Bonthe;
  4. (4) shall report in person at intervals of two days or at such other intervals as I may hereafter direct at the Office of the District Commissioner Bonthe and shall sign his name in a book kept for the purpose save that in the case of illness the said person shall cause the District Commissioner Bonthe to be informed of his inability to do so and in 759 the case of absence with permission as hereinbefore provided it shall not be necessary for him to do so.
  5. (5) shall not send or cause to be conveyed out of the area of the town of Bonthe any letter, document, paper or communication otherwise than by post.
  6. (6) shall surrender forthwith to the District Commissioner Bonthe or his authorised representatives every letter, document, paper or communication which may be received by him otherwise than through the post from any person who is in or is a resident of an area beyond the limits of the town of Bonthe;
  7. (7) shall not engage in the dissemination of news or the propagation of opinions in any manner whatsoever without the consent in writing of the Colonial Secretary.

This 19th day of March, 1942.

(Signed) HUBERT STEVENSON, Governor."