HC Deb 13 May 1941 vol 371 c1086
The Prime Minster

With your permission, Mr. Speaker, I take this opportunity of informing the House that the old House of Commons has been damaged, I think beyond repair, at any rate for a very long time to come. The House will like to be informed that we have already begun the active preparation of a third building in case anything should happen to this one, so that hon. Members may be reassured that the work of our Parliamentary institutions will not be interrupted by enemy action.

Mr. Maxton

Is it not the case that a very considerable part of the Palace of Westminster remains undamaged, and would it not be possible to find accommodation there for the Sittings of the House, even in the House of Peers? It would be very convenient for hon. Members, if it were at all possible, to meet in the place to which they are accustomed.

The Prime Minister

I am informed that the Upper Chamber is still capable of being used, but surely, it is not for us to take it away from the equally historic body to whom it belongs.

Sir William Davison

May I ask whether, in this emergency, it might not be possible for my right hon. Friend the Prime Minister to get in touch with the Lord Great Chamberlain to see whether some alternative use of the House of Lords could not be made by the House of Lords and the House of Commons?

The Prime Minister

All these matters will be considered.