HC Deb 22 January 1941 vol 368 cc167-8
45. Lieut.-Colonel Sir Thomas Moore

asked the Prime Minister whether he has come to any decision as to the steps His Majesty's Government propose to take to signify to the Greek nation our admiration and respect for the magnificent stand they have taken in the cause of freedom.

The Lord Privy Seal (Mr. Attlee)

I do not think that I can add anything to the tributes which have already been paid to the valour of the Greek people in their stand against aggression. The co-operation of the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force with the Greek armed forces is concrete evidence of our determination to contribute in the military sphere to final Greek victory. In the economic and financial sphere, too, we are rendering assistance designed to provide the Greek forces with the sinews of war; and military and civil supplies of all kinds are being sent to Greece.

Members will be aware of the fine response to the Lord Mayor's Appeal for the relief f War Distress in Greece, which has now reached the figure of £46,000, and this despite the many other heavy calls at home. Over and above this sum subscribed by the public His Majesty's Government have decided to place £25,000 at the disposal of His Majesty's Minister at Athens for relief purposes. I am confident that the House will agree with me that there could be no more fitting tribute to the valiant Greek nation than a gift for the relief of the sufferings of victims of enemy action behind the lines.

Sir T. Moore

While I agree with my right hon. Friend to some extent, does he not feel that as Greece was the first country to stand up for freedom against tyranny after the might of the Axis Powers had been demonstrated, she should receive some more tangible form of recognition, possibly such as was offered to France, and refused, last June?

Mr. Attlee

I have indicated that what the Government has done is very tangible.