HC Deb 13 March 1940 vol 358 cc1167-70
49. Mr. David Adams

asked the Minister of Food whether he will give a list of those officials in the employ of the Ministry of Food who are in receipt of alternative incomes, stating the respective amounts and sources of the same, together with their present offices, and the respective salaries attached to the same?

The Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster (Mr. W. S. Morrison)

I regret that I am unable to give the information asked for by the hon. Member.

Mr. Adams

As this is a matter of very considerable public interest, may I inti-

Sir K. Wood

It would be impossible to furnish at short notice details of the civilian clerical and typing staff employed at each Air Ministry out-station. Particulars can, however, be given of the approximate numbers, by grades, of the civilian clerical and typing staffs at present employed in the United Kingdom in each of the five types of Air Ministry out-station mentioned in the Question, but as these particulars can most easily be given in tabular form, I am arranging for them to be circulated in the OFFICIAL REPORT.

Following are the particulars:

mate to the Minister that I shall put a Question on the Order Paper after the Recess in an easier form?

50. Mr. Adams

asked the Minister of Food the special qualifications of the Divisional Food Officer for the Southern Division who receives a salary of £1,000 per annum and is in receipt of a pension of £633 per annum from the India Office; whether these ruled out the question of the appointment to this post of a qualified person not in receipt of an alternative income; and, if not, whether he will alter his decision not to reconsider this appointment?

Mr. Morrison

I would refer the hon. Member to my reply to his Question on Wednesday last, to which I have nothing to add.

Mr. Adams

As there is a considerable amount of unemployment among competent people at the moment, could not the Minister, in the general interests of those people, reconsider his decision?

Viscountess Astor

If this official is competent, would it not be better to keep him in his appointment?

Mr. Morrison

I could not accept the position that because a man is receiving a pension which he has earned by past service, and which is part of his contract of service, that fact in itself should debar him from an appointment of this kind.

52. Mr. Woodburn

asked the Minister of Food what position in the Ministry of Food is occupied by Mr. W. Paterson, agent for the Commercial Bank, Turiff; whether he is continuing to act as secretary of the Farmers' Union, and secretary of the Turiff Agricultural Association; what is his salary from the Ministry; and does he draw other salaries in respect of other occupations?

Mr. Morrison

The officer referred to is presumably Mr. N. M. Paterson, who is the area meat and livestock officer for the North Scotland area, his salary being £1,000 per annum. I understand that, whilst he has not formally resigned the posts referred to by the hon. Member, he is not himself actively performing the duties involved in them. I have no information as to Mr. Paterson's receipts by way of salary or income from these or other sources, but I may say that his Ministry appointment is a full-time one and I am satisfied that he is complying with the general conditions attaching to such an appointment.

53. Mr. Woodburn

asked the Minister of Food what position Mr. Lovat Fraser, partner of McDonald Fraser, livestock salesmen, holds in the Ministry of Food; what is his salary, and whether Mr. Fraser still carries on his own business in addition?

Mr. Morrison:

Mr. Lovat Fraser is the area livestock supervisor for the North Scotland meat and livestock area, and the salary attaching to his post is £900 per annum. The conditions of Mr. Lovat Fraser's appointment allow him to retain some connection with his private business, provided that such outside interests do not conflict with his official duties and responsibilities. I am satisfied that these conditions are being properly observed by Mr. Lovat Fraser.

Mr. Woodburn

In making these appointments, does the right hon. Gentleman take care that the work of these gentlemen inside the Ministry does not coincide with their interests outside the Ministry?

Mr. Morrison

It is a condition of their employment that they do not permit anything of that kind to happen.

Mr. T. Williams

Can the right hon. Gentleman at some time, if not to-day, give the House information indicating the number of part-time employés of this kind?

Mr. Morrison

Gladly, if asked.