HC Deb 13 March 1940 vol 358 cc1166-7
14. Mr. Mander

asked the Secretary of State for Air whether, with a view to maintaining the high traditions of the Civil Service, and in the light of the temptations created by a state of war and the great development of industrial contracting by his Department, he will consider the advisability of bringing to the attention of employés in his Department the provisions of the Prevention of Corruption Acts, which inflict heavy penalties by way of fines and imprisonment for the receiving of bribes or secret commissions?

The Secretary of State for Air (Sir Kingsley Wood)

Yes, Sir.

Mr. Mander

Will my right hon. Friend make it clear that there is, of course, no reflection intended on the civil servants in his Department?

25. Mr. Messer

asked the Secretary of State for Air the number of air service clerks Grade I, civil assistants and accountants Grade III, air service clerks Grade II and air service clerks Grade III, air service assistant clerks, established and unestablished, air service assistant clerks, temporary, temporary clerks, male, temporary clerks, female, superintendents of typists, clerk shorthand typists, shorthand typists, clerk typists, typists, shorthand typists, temporary, and typists, temporary, employed at each Air Ministry out-station in the United Kingdom in the following groups: maintenance group, works and buildings group, Royal aircraft establishment, aeronautical inspection directorate, and Royal Air Force units?

Grade. Approximate numbers employed at Air Ministry outstations in the United Kingdom.
Maintenance Units. Works Directorate. Royal Aircraft Establishment. Aeronautical Inspection Directorate. Royal Air Force Stations.
Civil Assistant and Accountants, Grade III. 17
Air Service Clerks, Grade I 51 14 7 3 6
Air Service Clerks, Grade II 8 1 5 1 1
Air Service Clerks, Grade III 246 143 65 28 48
Air Service Assistant Clerks (Established and permanent unestablished). 148 25 10 20 293
Air Service Assistant Clerks (Temporary). 282 53 13 55 856
Temporary Clerks (Male) 1,088 209 19 124 2,033
Temporary Clerks (Female) 336 22 9 19 130
Superintendents of Typists 4 2
Clerk—Shorthand Typists 2 1 25 1
Shorthand Typists 11 29 16 44 10
Clerk Typists 2
Typists 30 7 25 26 6
Temporary Shorthand Typists 88 96 5 127 100
Temporary Typists 122 14 38 81 70
The above numbers do not include staff now serving with His Majesty's Forces.