HC Deb 07 March 1940 vol 358 cc568-9
74. Dr. Little

asked the Minister of Food whether he has yet made inquiries into the high prices charged in many instances for mixed feeding-stuffs and with what results; and whether he is prepared to order that all these mixtures conform to a certain fixed standard and are sold to consumers at a reasonable price according to the ingredients they contain?

Mr. Morrison

Since the dates of the letters that my hon. Friend has referred to me, a new form of licence has been issued to dealers and manufacturers of feeding-stuffs in Northern Ireland, under which the holder of the licence is required to issue as straight feeds two-thirds of the feeding-stuffs that are received by him. The licence also provides that any mixtures that are sold by the holder must conform to standards laid down in the licence and must not contain any ingredient the price of which is not controlled under the Feeding Stuffs (Maximum Prices) Order dated 6th January, 1940.

Dr. Little

How is it that the price can be fixed for straight feeding-stuffs while at the same time those who prepare mixed feeding-stuffs may charge any price they may choose? How is that? I want to know.

Mr. Morrison

It is not the case that those who prepare mixed feeding-stuffs can charge any price they please.

Sir Joseph Lamb

May I ask whether this applies to this country as well as Ireland?

Mr. Morrison

No, Sir. This answer refers to Northern Ireland, but we are considering alternative methods of dealing with the problem for England.

Sir J. Lamb

Will my right hon. Friend expedite it as much as possible?

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