HC Deb 15 March 1939 vol 345 c406
72. Mr. Paling

asked the Secretary of State for the Colonies whether, in view of the recommendation made by the Select Committee on Closer Union in East Africa in 1931 that sympathetic consideration should be given to native representations in Kenya Colony regarding the Kipandi or pass system, with its penal sanctions, any inquiry has been made into the merits or demerits of the system?

Mr. M. MacDonald

This matter has been under consideration from time to time, but the conclusion has been reached that the balance of advantage to all concerned, including the natives themselves, lies in retaining the system. I have, how ever, recently been informed by the Governor of Kenya that it is hoped that it will be possible, at an early date, to formulate definite proposals for the revision of the form of certificate with a view to the separation of the document of identity from the records of employment.

Mr. Paling

Does that mean that the system is not as good as it is claimed to be?

Mr. MacDonald

It is, in principle, an advantage to every section of the population, but I understand that on the question of the records of employment there has been difficulty.

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