HC Deb 08 March 1938 vol 332 cc1714-5
53. Mr. Parker

asked the Financial Secretary to the Treasury whether, in view of the unjustifiable use of such titles as "Government Contractors" and "Under Royal Patronage" by certain firms, he will have a scheme prepared by which there shall be a list of firms eligible to use such titles, such eligibility to cease after a fixed period after the last contract performed or the last patronage enjoyed, so that firms can be prosecuted who invite trade on the strength of such titles without justification?

The Financial Secretary to the Treasury (Lieut.-Colonel Colville)

The proposal which the hon. Member makes would, of course, require legislative sanction. I agree that there have been a few cases of the unjustifiable use of the descriptive titles to which the hon. Member refers, but I do not think that the practice is so "widespread as to warrant action on the lines suggested.

57. Mr. Denville

asked the President of the Board of Trade whether, in view of the growth in the number of companies and societies with titles indicating official connection with the Government or the Empire, whereas in fact no such connection exists, he will consider setting up a committee to investigate the subject and report on the best method of putting an end to this method of deception?

Captain Wallace

Under the provisions of the Companies Act, 1929, no company can be registered by a name which contains the words "Royal" or "Imperial" or, in the opinion of the Registrar, suggests, or is calculated to suggest, the patronage of His Majesty or of any member of the Royal Family or connection with His Majesty's Government or any Department thereof, unless the Board of Trade consent to such registration. I am making inquiries into the paticular case of which I received notice from my hon. Friend this morning.