HC Deb 06 April 1938 vol 334 c327
23. Commander Marsden

asked the First Lord of the Admiralty how many petty officers and men of His Majesty's Navy are receiving lodging allowance in the home ports?

Mr. Cooper

The number of petty officers and men borne on the books of ships and establishments at the home ports who are receiving lodging allowance is 684.

Commander Marsden

Will these petty officers and men of the lower deck get marriage allowance and allowance for children, in addition to their lodging allowance?

Mr. Cooper


Sir A. Southby

If it is just and fair that the lower deck should receive both lodging allowance and marriage allowance, why is it unjust and unfair that officers should receive the same treatment?

Lieut.-Commander Agnew

Can the right hon. Gentleman say that nobody on the lower deck will be worse off as a result of the operation of these schemes?

Mr. Cooper

Nobody on the lower deck will be worse off. The pay of the naval officer was settled after the War at a higher rate than the pay of the other Services, and was supposed to take into account a certain allowance for marriage.

Vice-Admiral Taylor

Arising out of that question——

Mr. Speaker

Lieut.-Commander Fletcher.

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