HC Deb 04 April 1938 vol 334 c17
16. Lieut.-Commander Fletcher

asked the Prime Minister the reasons for which Mr. G. E. R. Gedye has been expelled from Germany; and whether any representations are being made in consequence to the German Government?

20. Mr. Parker

asked the Prime Minister how many British journalists have left and /or been expelled from Austria since the entry of German troops?

Mr. Butler

I understand that Mr. Gedye was expelled on account of an article sent by him and published in the "Daily Telegraph," which the German authorities considered to be untrue, particularly in regard to the number of persons imprisoned in Austria. The authorities of any State have the right to expel foreign nationals, but His Majesty's Ambassador at Berlin has been instructed to express to the German Minister for Foreign Affairs the concern of His Majesty's Government at the manner in which this right has been exercised in the present circumstances in respect of a British journalist of high qualifications and established reputation. I have received no intimation that any other British journalists have been expelled, and I regret that I am not in a position to state how many have left of their own free will.

Lieut.-Commander Fletcher

Has the Home Office drawn the attention of the Foreign Office to any German journalists who are abusing their privileges in this country, and, if so, does the Foreign Office propose to take any action?

Mr. Speaker

That question does not arise out of the answer.