HC Deb 11 November 1937 vol 328 cc1845-9
Mr. Attlee

May I ask the Prime Minister what will be the business for next week; and will he also be good enough to state the reasons for putting on the Paper the Motion to suspend the Eleven o'Clock Rule, and how far he proposes to go with business to-night?

The Prime Minister

The business for next week will be as follows: Monday: Second Reading of the Air-Raid Precautions Bill, and Committee stage of the Money Resolution.

Tuesday: Further consideration of the National Health Insurance (Juvenile Contributors and Young Persons) Bill, the Blind Persons Bill, and the Supreme Court of Judicature (Amendment) Bill, if not already disposed of; and, if there is time, the Committee stage of the Scottish Housing Money Resolution.

Wednesday: Private Members' Motions.

Thursday: Second Reading of the Sea Fish Industry Bill, and Committee stage of the Money Resolution.

Friday: Private Members' Bills.

On any day, if there is time, other Orders will be taken.

With regard to this evening, we are moving to suspend the Eleven o'Clock Rule as a precautionary measure, in order to make certain of obtaining the first two Orders on the Paper and the necessary Money Resolutions. If there is time, we propose to take the third and fourth Orders, but there is no intention to ask the House to sit late.

Mr. Attlee

Am I right in understanding that the third and fourth Orders will not be taken after Eleven o'Clock?

The Prime Ministerindicated assent.

Mr. Attlee

In view of the importance of the Air Raid Precautions Bill, would it not be possible to give another half-day, say up to Eight o'Clock on Tuesday, so that we may have a full discussion on the Second Reading?

The Prime Minister

I am disposed to accede to that suggestion of the right hon. Gentleman, but I think up to 7.30 would be time enough.

Sir Percy Harris

Would the Prime Minister say what is the stage of the Blind Persons Bill that is to be taken on Tuesday?

The Prime Minister

The Committee stage.

Mr. E. J. Williams

Will the Committee stage of the Blind Persons Bill be taken on the Floor of the House?

The Prime Minister

Yes, Sir.

Motion made, and Question put,

"That the Proceedings on Government Business be exempted, at this day's Sitting,

from the provisions of the Standing Order (Sittings of the House)."—[The Prime Minister.]

The House divided; Ayes, 262; Noes, 117.

Division No. 10.] AYES. [3.55 p.m.
Adams, S. V. T. (Leeds, W.) Eastwood, J. F. Makins, Brig.-Gen. E.
Agnew, Lieut.-Comdr. P. G. Eokersley, P. T. Manningham-Buller, Sir M.
Albery, Sir lrving Edmondson, Major Sir J. Margesson, Capt. Rt. Hon. H. D. R.
Allen, Col. J. Sandeman (B'knhead) Ellis, Sir G. Marsden, Commander A.
Amery, Rt. Hon. L. C. M. S. Elliston, Capt. G. S. Maxwell, Hon. S. A.
Anderson, Sir A. Garrett (C. of Ldn.) Elmley, Viscount Mayhew, Lt.-Col. J.
Anstruther-Gray, W. J. Emery, [...]. F. Miller, Sir R. J. (Mitcham)
Apsley, Lord Emmott, C. E. G. C. Mellor, Sir J. S. P. (Tamworth)
Aske, Sir R. W. Emrys-Evans, P. V. Mills, Sir F. (Leylon, E.)
Assheton, R. Evans, E. (Univ. of Wales) Mills, Major J. D. (New Forest)
Astor, Viscountess (Plymouth, Sutton) Everard, W. L. Mitchell, H. (Brenttord and Chiswisk)
Atholl, Duchess of Findlay, Sir E. Mitchell, Sir W. Lane (Streatham)
Baillie, Sir A. W. M. Fox, Sir G. W. G. Moore, Lieut.-Col. Sir T. C. R.
Baldwin-Webb, Col. J. Fremantle, Sir F. E. Moore-Brabazon, Lt.-Col. J. T. C.
Balfour, Capt. H. H. (Isle of Thanet) Furness, S. N. Morris-Jones, Sir Henry
Balniel, Lord Ganzoni, Sir J. Morrison, G. A. (Scottish Univ's.)
Barclay-Harvey, Sir C. M. Gledhill, G. Morrison, Rt. Hon. W. S. (Cirencester)
Baxter, A. Beverley Gluckstein, L. H. Muirhead, Lt.-Col. A. J.
Beamish, Rear-Admiral T. P. H. Goldie, N. B. Munro, P.
Beaumont, Hon. R. E. B. (Portsm'h) Gower, Sir R. V. Neven-Spence, Major B. H. H.
Bennett, Sir E. N. Graham, Captain A. C. (Wirral) Nicholson, G. (Farnham)
Bernays, R. H. Grant-Ferris, R. Nicolson, Hon. H. G.
Bird, Sir R. B. Granville, E. L. Ormsby-Gore, Rt. Hon. W. G. A.
Blair, Sir R. Grattan-Doyle, Sir N. Orr-Ewing, I. L.
Bossom, A. C. Gretton, Col. Rt. Hon. J. Patrick, C. M.
Boyce, H. Leslie Gridley, Sir, A. B. Peake, O.
Brass, Sir W. Grimston, R. V. Peat, C. U.
Briscoe, Capt. R. G. Guinness, T. L. E. B. Perkins, W. R. D.
Brown, Rt. Hon. E. (Leith) Gunston, Capt. D. W. Peters, Dr. S. J.
Brown, Brig.-Gen. H. C. (Newbury) Hannon, Sir P. J. H. Petherick, M.
Bull, B. B. Harlington, Marquess of Pickthorn, K. W. M.
Bullock, Capt. M. Harvey, Sir G. Pilkington, R.
Burghley, Lord Haslam, Henry (Hornoastle) Plugge, Capt. L. F.
Burton, Col. H. W. Haslam, Sir J. (Bolton) Ponsonby, Col. C. E.
Campbell, Sir E. T. Hellgers, Captain F. F. A. Porritt, R. W.
Cartland, J. R. H. Heneage, Lieut.-Colonel A. P. Power, Sir J. C.
Carver, Major W. H. Hepburn, P. G. T. Buchan- Procter, Major H. A.
Cary, R. A. Herbert, Major J. A. (Monmouth) Raikes, H. V. A. M.
Cazalet, Thelma (Islington, E.) Herbert, Capt. Sir S. (Abbey) Ramsay, Captain A. H. M.
Cazalet, Capt. V. A. (Chippenham) Higgs, W. F. Ramsbotham, H.
Chamberlain, Rt. Hn. N. (Edgb't'n) Hoare, Rt. Hon. Sir S. Rankin, Sir R.
Channon, H. Holmes, J. S. Rathbone, Eleanor (English Univ's.)
Chapman, A. (Rutherglen) Horsbrugh, Florence Rathbone, J. R. (Bodmin)
Chorlton, A. E. L. Howitt, Dr. A. B. Rayner, Major R. H.
Churchill, Rt. Hon. Winston S. Hudson, Capt. A. U. M. (Hack., N.) Reid, J. S. C. (Hillhead)
Clarke, F. E. (Dartford) Hulbert, N. J. Rickards, G. W. (Skipton)
Hume, Sir G. H.
Clarke, Lt.-Col. R. S. (E. Grinstead) Hurd, Sir P. A. Ropner, Colonel L.
Clarry, Sir Reginald Hutchinson, G. C. Ross, Major Sir R. D. (Londonderry)
Cobb, Captain E. C. (Preston) James, Wing-Commander A. W. H. Ross Taylor, W. (Woodbridge)
Colville, Lt.-Col. Rt. Hon. D. J. Jarvis, Sir J. J. Royds, Admiral P. M. R.
Cook, Sir T. R. A. M. (Norfolk, N.) Jones, L. (Swansea W.) Ruggles-Brise, Colonel Sir E. A.
Conant, Captain R. J. E. Keeling, E. H. Russell, Sir Alexander
Courthope, Col. Rt. Hon. Sir G. L. Kerr, Colonel C. I. (Montrose) Russell, S. H. M. (Darwen)
Cox, H. B. T. Kimball, L. Salmon, Sir I.
Craven-Ellis, W. Knox, Major-General Sir A. W. F. Salt, E. W.
Crookshank, Capt. H. F. C. Latham, Sir P. Salter, Sir J. Arthur (Oxford U.)
Cross, R. H. Law, R. K. (Hull, S.W.) Samuel, M. R. A.
Crowder, J. F. E. Leech, Dr. J. W. Sandys, E. D.
Davidson, Viscountess Lees-Jones, J. Sassoon, Rt. Hon. Sir P.
Davies, Major Sir G. F. (Yeovil) Leighton, Major B. E. P. Savory, Sir Servington
Davison, Sir W. H. Levy, T. Scott, Lord William
Dawson, Sir P. Lewis, O. Selley, H. R.
De Chair, S. S. Lindsay, K. M. Shaw, Major P. S. (Wavertree)
De la Bère, R. Lipson, D. L. Shaw, Captain W. T. (Forfar)
Denman, Hon. R. D. Llewellin, Lieut.-Col. J. J. Shepperson, Sir E. W.
Doland, G. F. Lloyd, G. W. Simmonds, O. E.
Donner, P. W. Locker-Lampson, Comdr. O. S. Simon, Rt. Hon. Sir J. A.
Dorman-Smith, Major R. H. Loftus, P. C. Smiles, Lieut.-Colonel Sir W. D.
Dower, Major A. V. G. Lovat-Fraser, J. A. Smith, Bracewell (Dulwich)
Duckworth, Arthur (Shrewsbury) Mabane, W. (Huddersfield) Smith, Sir R. W. (Aberdeen)
Duckworth, W. R. (Moss Side) MacAndrew, Colonel Sir C. G. Smithers, Sir W.
Duggan, H. J. McCorquodale, M. S. Somervell. Sir D. B. (Crewe)
Duncan, J. A. L. Maonamara, Capt. J. R. J Somerville, A. A. (Windsor)
Dunglass, Lord Magnay, T. Southby, Commander Sir A. R. J.
Spears, Brigadier-General E. L. Touche, G. C. Whiteley, Major J. P. (Buckingham)
Spens, W. P. Train, Sir J. Williams, C. (Torquay)
Stanley, Rt. Hon. Lord (Fylde) Tree, A. R. L. F. Williams, H. G. (Croydon, S.)
Stanley, Rt. Hon. Oliver (W m'ld) Tryon, Major Rt. Hon. G. C. Wilson, Lt.-Col. Sir A. T. (Hitchin)
Stewart, J. Henderson (Fife, E.) Turton, R. H. Windsor-Clive, Lieut.-Colonel G.
Storey, S. Wakefield, W. W. Wise, A. R.
Sueter, Rear-Admiral Sir M. F. Walker-Smith, Sir J. Withers, Sir J. J.
Sutcliffe, H. Ward, Lieut.-Col. Sir A. L. (Hull) Womersley, Sir W. J.
Tasker, Sir R. I. Ward, Irene M. B. (Wallsend) Wood, Rt. Hon. Sir Kingsley
Tate, Mavis C. Warrender, Sir V. Wright, Wing-Commander J. A. C.
Taylor, C. S. (Eastbourne) Waterhouse, Captain C. Young, A. S. L. (Partick)
Taylor, Vice-Adm. E. A. (Padd., S.) Watt, G. S. H.
Thomson, Sir J. D. W. Wedderburn, H. J. S. TELLERS FOR THE AYES.—
Titchfield. Marquess of Wells, S. R. Captain Hope and Captain
Acland, R. T. D. (Barnstaple) Groves, T. E. Noel-Baker, P. J.
Adams, D. (Consett) Guest, Dr. L. H. (Islington, N.) Parkinson, J. A.
Adamson, W. M. Hall, G. H. (Aberdare) Pethick-Lawrence, Rt. Hon. F. W.
Alexander, Rt. Hon. A. V. (H'Isbr.) Hardie, Agnes Ridley, G.
Anderson, F. (Whitehaven) Harris, Sir P. A. Riley, B.
Attlee, Rt. Hon. C. R. Hayday, A. Roberts, Rt. Hon. F. O. (W. Brom.)
Banfield, J. W. Henderson, A. (Kingswinford) Roberts, W. (Cumberland, N.)
Barr, J. Henderson, J. (Ardwick) Rothschild, J. A. de
Batey, J. Henderson, T. (Tradeston) Salter, Dr. A. (Bermondsey)
Bellenger, F. J. Hicks, E. G. Sexton, T. M.
Benn, Rt. Hon. W. W. Hills, A. (Pontefract) Shinwell, E.
Benson, G. Hopkin, D. Short, A.
Bevan, A. Jagger, J. Smith, Ben (Rotherhithe)
Brown, C. (Mansfield) Jenkins, Sir W. (Heath) Smith, E. (Stoke)
Burke, W. A. Jones, A. C. (Shipley) Smith, Rt. Hon. H. B. Lees- (K'ly)
Cape, T. Kelly, W. T. Smith, T. (Normanton)
Cassells, T. Kennedy, Rt. Hon. T. Stephen, C.
Cluse, W. S. Kirby, B. V. Stewart, W. J. (H'ght'n-le-Sp'ng)
Cove, W. G. Lansbury, Rt. Hon. G. Strauss, G. R. (Lambeth, N.)
Cripps, Hon. Sir Stafford Lathan, G. Taylor, R. J. (Morpeth)
Daggar, G. Lawson, J. J. Thorne, W.
Dalton, H. Leash, W. Thurtle, E.
Davidson, J. J. (Maryhill) Lee, F. Tinker, J. J.
Davies, S. O. (Merthyr) Leonard, W. Viant, S. P.
Day, H. Logan, D. G. Walkden, A. G.
Dobbie, W. Lunn, W. Walker, J.
Edwards, Sir C. (Bedwellty) Macdonald, G. (Ince) Watson, W. McL.
Fletcher, Lt.-Comdr. R. T. H. McGhee, H. G. Wedgwood, Rt. Hon. J. C.
Gallacher, W. McGovern, J. Welsh, J. C.
Gardner, B. W. MacLaren, A. Westwood, J.
Garro Jones, G. M. MacNeill, Weir, L. White, H. Graham
George, Major G. Lloyd (Pembroke) Mainwaring, W. H. Whiteley, W. (Blaydon)
George, Megan Lloyd (Anglesey) Mander, G. le M. Williams, E. J. (Ogmore)
Gibson, R. (Greenock) Marshall, F. Williams, T. (Don Valley)
Green, W. H. (Deptford) Maxton, J. Windsor, W. (Hull, C.)
Greenwood, Rt. Hon. A. Milner, Major J. Woods, G. S. (Finsbury)
Grenfell, D. R. Montague, F. Young, Sir R. (Newton)
Griffith, F. Kingsley (M'ddl'sbro, W.) Morrison, Rt. Hon. H. (Hackney, S.)
Griffiths, G. A. (Hemsworth) Morrison, R. C. (Tottenham, N.) TELLERS FOR THE NOES. —
Griffiths, J. (Llanelly) Muff, G. Mr. Mothers and Mr. Charleton.

Question put, and agreed to.