HC Deb 23 March 1937 vol 321 cc2754-5
74. Mrs. Tate

asked the Minister of Health in which European countries the padded cell is still in use in mental hospitals, and in which countries its use has been discontinued?

Sir K. Wood

I regret that this information is not available.

75. Mrs. Tate

asked the Minister of Health in how many mental hospitals in England and Wales the model diet for an entire four-week period has been introduced as recommended in the 1924 Report of the Departmental Committee on Dietaries in Mental Hospitals?

Sir K. Wood

I understand a number of mental hospitals have adopted a dietary for a four-week period though I am not aware of the exact number. The matter is determined by the visiting committee of the local authority generally upon the advice of the medical superintendent. I am advised that the standards recommended by the Committee on Dietaries have been generally adopted.

76. Mrs. Tate

asked the Minister of Health the number of persons who received institutional care for mental illness in England, Scotland, and Wales in the years 1915, 1925, and 1935, respectively?

Sir K. Wood

The numbers of persons suffering from mental disorder in Institutions in England and Wales on 1st January in the years mentioned were 134,907 in 1915, 128,271 in 1925, and 147,716 in 1935. For particulars in regard to Scotland, I must refer my hon. Friend to the Secretary of State.

Mr. Stephen

Can the right hon. Gentleman say whether the increased number in 1935 has been due to the National Government?

Sir K. Wood

No, Sir. I think it is mainly due to the growing service, but, on the other hand, it may be due to past painful experience.