HC Deb 07 July 1937 vol 326 c348
53. Mr. H. Haslam

asked the Minister of Agriculture whether he is aware that Mr. Sidney Moore, of Wood Enderby, Horncastle, Lincolnshire, an agricultural worker, received a demand note issued by the Third Witham Internal Board for the sum of 16s. 1d., made up as follows: 7s. 4d. for arrears of rates, fines 1s. 5d., and the current rate 7s. 4d.; whether he is aware that Mr. Moore had received no notice and no demand in regard to the amount stated to be in arrear; and whether he will have inquiry made into the circumstances in which this fine was levied?

Mr. Ramsbotham

My right hon. Friend has no information with regard to the matters referred to in the first part of the question. He will, however, make inquiries of the drainage board and will communicate with my hon. Friend in due course.

Mr. Haslam

May I ask the hon. Gentleman whether his right hon. Friend is aware that very considerable feeling exists in certain parts of the Horncastle area because of the heavy burden of rates levied by the Third Witham Internal Drainage Board and that the efforts of the Ministry, continued for some time, have failed to allay that feeling?

Mr. Ramsbotham

I will place the matter before my right hon. Friend.