HC Deb 10 February 1937 vol 320 c381
13. Mr. George Hall

asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs in view of the expiry at the end of 1936 of the Washington Naval Treaty of 1922, and the London Naval Treaty of 1930, and of the fact that the London Naval Treaty of 1936 has not yet been ratified by His Majesty's Government, what steps, if any, are being taken by His Majesty's Government, whether by bilateral pacts or otherwise, to secure the ratification of the 1936 Treaty?

Viscount Cranborne

His Majesty's Government in the United Kingdom are fully prepared to ratify the London Naval Treaty, 1936. They are still, however, engaged in Naval conversations with other Powers for the purpose of concluding bilateral agreements on the basis of the London Naval Treaty, 1936, and consider that, in view of these conversations, ratifications should for the present be deferred. It is hoped, however, that ratification by His Majesty's Government in the United Kingdom may take place at an early date.

Mr. Hall

Have any of the nations ratified the agreement?

Viscount Cranborne

I believe it has been ratified by the United States.

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