HC Deb 19 November 1936 vol 317 cc1902-3

asked the Home Secretary what provisions exist for securing that there shall be available in Wales and Monmouthshire official Welsh versions of all questions, cautions and explanations of charges which the Summary Jurisdiction Acts and the Criminal Justice Act require shall be addressed to the accused on the hearing of charges against them in courts of summary jurisdiction; whether, in the event of such provisions not being available, he will take steps to make them; and whether he will take the necessary steps to provide a statutory Welsh form of every oath and affirmation required to be taken and made in courts of law in Wales and Monmouthshire?


So far as I am aware no difficulty has been experienced in providing for a defendant to be fully informed of the course of the proceedings through an interpreter, if he is unable to understand English; and I believe that if necessary the oath is administered to a witness in a similar way. I know of no ground for an alteration of the existing procedure.

37. Mr. EVANS

asked the Home Secretary whether any and, if so, what instructions have been given to magistrates' clerks in Wales and Monmouthshire with a view to preventing any charge for the service of a Welsh interpreter being made on the parties to any proceedings in courts of summary jurisdiction in Wales and Monmouthshire; and what provision was made to inform the parties of such instructions, if any?


I have no information suggesting that such a charge is made, and I know of no occasion for the issue of any instructions in the matter.


Is the right hon. Gentleman aware that it was suggested by a committee in 1928 that no charge should be made?


No, Sir. I would be glad to be informed whether it is so. I did not know a charge was made in any case.