HC Deb 28 May 1936 vol 312 cc2329-30

Motion made, and Question proposed, "That the Clause stand part of the Bill."

9.39 p.m.


I am sure the Under-Secretary will wish to give some explanation why it is necessary that the Common Council of the City of London should participate in the provision of aerodromes for people under their jurisdiction. I should be the last to discourage interest in aviation on the part of any local authority, but I have observed in the Press that there is a large body of opposition to the ratepayers' money in the City of London being used for this purpose. I hold no brief for the ratepayers of the City of London, but I should be interested to know why it is necessary to include the Common Council of the Corporation of the City of London in the Bill at all.

9.40 p.m.

The UNDER-SECRETARY of STATE for AIR (Sir Philip Sassoon)

Town councils and municipal boroughs arc entitled to make provision for the establishment of aerodromes in their areas, and it would seem to be illogical that the Common Council of the City of London should be debarred from entering into arrangements with other local authorities, like the London County Council, for the establishment of aerodromes.


Is it not possible for the London County Council to make the necessary provision? There will be a multitude of local authorities and none will have the particular responsibility of providing these facilities. That will not mean effective organisation. Did the Common Council of the City of London express a wish to be included?


They expressed a desire to be able to join with the London County Council in establishing aerodromes, and I think they are meditating establishing an aerodrome in Essex. There is no reason why the Common Council of the City of London should be debarred from facilities which are afforded to every other local authority.