HC Deb 02 March 1936 vol 309 cc988-90

asked the First Commissioner of Works in view of the recent report upon atmospheric pollution issued by the Department of Industrial and Scientific Research, which shows that the general cleanliness of the atmosphere is not improving, will he give a lead to the country by ordering the use of smokeless fuel in the Government buildings under his department in London?


Smokeless fuel is already used in Government offices whenever local circumstances make it possible without an unreasonable increase in cost.


Is the right hon. Gentleman aware that clouds of black smoke were coming out of the Ministry of Agriculture this morning and polluting the atmosphere?


Is the increased cost of this fuel so excessive as to prevent other Departments under the control of the Government from using it?


There is an appreciable margin between the two. I see that in 1933 and 1934 the difference between the price of coalite and ordinary house coal supplied to the Office of Works was 10s. a ton.

Steamers and motor ships of 100 tons gross and over shown in the returns of the Registrar-General of Shipping as having been built abroad in 1935 and subsequently registered in the United Kingdom.
Month when registered. Vessel. Where and when built. Gross tonnage. Registered owners.
March "Alexia" (motor vessel) Germany: 1935 8,016 Anglo-Saxon Petroleum Co., Ltd., London.
May "Auris" (motor vessel) Italy: 1935 8,030 Anglo-Saxon Petroleum Co., Ltd., London.
July "Else Rykens" (fishing vessel). Germany: 1935 266 Aberdeen Steam Trawlingand Fishing Co., Ltd., Aberdeen.
July "Paul Rykens" (fishing vessel). Germany: 1935 266
August "Neil Kackay" (fishing vessel). Germany: 1935 266
August "Peter Hendriks" (fishing vessel). Germany: 1935 266
August "Eketian" (motor vessel) Germany: 1935 1,005 United Africa Co., Ltd., London.
September Steamship "Andino" Germany: 1935 4,569 Lago Shipping Co., Ltd., London.

But is there not a considerable saving in cleanliness?


There is some saving, and that is why I have been using it where I can, and considerable quantities are used, but when we had some in the Lobbies of this House many Members complained.