HC Deb 25 June 1936 vol 313 c1985

Order for Consideration, as amended, read.

Bill, as amended, re-committed to a Committee of the Whole House in respect of the new Clause (Indication of presence of obstructions near aerodromes), standing on the Notice Paper in the name of Sir Philip Sassoon.—[Sir P. Sassoon.]

Bill accordingly considered in Committee.

[Sir DENNIS HERBERT in the Chair.]

  1. NEW CLAUSE.—(Indication of presence of obstructions near aerodromes.) 6,797 words
  2. cc2002-26
  3. NEW CLAUSE.—(Power of local authorities to carry on businesses in connection with aerodromes provided by them.) 9,891 words, 1 division
  4. cc2026-57
  5. CLAUSE 1.—(Agreements for subsidising air transport.) 12,874 words, 2 divisions
  6. cc2057-65
  7. CLAUSE 2.—(Delegation of certain functions of Secretary of State as respects civil aviation.) 3,058 words
  8. c2066
  9. CLAUSE 4.—(Information as to air trans port undertakings and use of customs aerodromes.) 218 words
  10. c2066
  11. CLAUSE 11.—(Power of common council to combine with other local authorities.) 62 words
  12. cc2066-83
  13. CLAUSE 12.—(Trespassing at licensed aerodromes.) 7,059 words, 1 division
  14. cc2083-95
  15. CLAUSE 13.—(Limitation of liability for certain damage caused by aircraft.) 4,621 words
  16. cc2095-6
  17. CLAUSE 14.—(Provision to be made in respect of aircraft against third party risks.) 43 words
  18. c2096
  19. CLAUSE 19.—(Provision for giving effect to a certain Convention signed in Rome.) 102 words
  20. c2096
  21. CLAUSE 25.—(Wages and conditions of employment of persons.) 78 words
  22. c2096
  23. CLAUSE 30.—(Application to Scotland.) 60 words