HC Deb 27 July 1936 vol 315 cc1256-67

Considered in Committee.

[Sir DENNIS HERBERT in the Chair.]

Clauses 1 to 8 ordered to stand part of the Bill.

  1. CLAUSE 9.—(General provisions as to orders constituting port health districts, united districts, and joint boards.) 73 words
  2. c1256
  3. CLAUSE 45.—(Buildings having defective closets capable of repair.) 91 words
  4. cc1256-7
  5. CLAUSE 67.—(Power to refer questions arising under building by-laws to the Minister.) 305 words
  6. cc1257-8
  7. CLAUSE 83.—(Cleansing of filthy or verminous premises.) 59 words
  8. c1258
  9. CLAUSE 89.—(Power to require sanitary conveniences to be provided at inns, refreshment houses, etc.) 48 words
  10. c1258
  11. CLAUSE 90.—(Interpretation of Part II.) 69 words
  12. cc1258-60
  13. CLAUSE 92.—(Statutory nuisances.) 931 words
  14. cc1260-1
  15. CLAUSE 94.—(Power of court to make nuisance order if abatement notice disregarded.) 261 words
  16. cc1261-3
  17. CLAUSE 107.—(Restriction on establishment of offensive trade in urban districts). 660 words
  18. c1263
  19. CLAUSE 161.—(Power of Minister to make regulations as to disposal of dead bodies.) 35 words
  20. c1263
  21. CLAUSE 170.—(Power of justice to order detention in hospital of infected person without proper lodging to return to.) 34 words
  22. c1264
  23. CLAUSE 172.—(Removal to hospital of infectious persons suffering from tuberculosis of the respiratory tract.) 30 words
  24. c1264
  25. CLAUSE 175.—(Special provisions with respect to treatment of tuberculous seamen.) 71 words
  26. c1264
  27. CLAUSE 180.—(Qualifications for certain appointments in connection with tuberculosis and venereal disease.) 56 words
  28. cc1264-5
  29. CLAUSE 269.—(Power of local authority to control use of moveable dwellings.) 147 words
  30. c1265
  31. CLAUSE 298.—(Restriction on right to prosecute.) 73 words
  32. c1265
  33. CLAUSE 333.—(Protection for works of dock undertakers and for railways.) 59 words
  34. cc1265-6
  35. CLAUSE 343.—(Interpretation.) 283 words
  36. c1266
  37. CLAUSE 347.—(Short title, date of commencement, and extent.) 101 words
  38. cc1266-7
  39. THIRD SCHEDULE.—(Enactments repealed.) 151 words