HC Deb 25 February 1936 vol 309 cc265-6

Sir Henry Cautley reported from the Committee of Selection; That they had discharged the following Members from Standing Committee B: Mr. Acland, Lieut.-Colonel Acland-Troyte, Miss Cazalet, and Mr. Louis Smith; and had appointed in substitution: Mr. Alan Herbert, Mr. Leckie, Mr. Mander, and Sir Frank Sanderson.

Sir Henry Cautley further reported from the Committee; That they had added the following Twenty Members to Standing Committee B (in respect of the Shops (Sunday Trading Restriction) Bill and the Retail Meat Dealers (Sunday Closing) Bill):Mr. Chater, Mr. Smedley Crooke, Mr. Frankel, Mr. Gluckstein, Mr. Granville, Sir Patrick Hannon, Sir Percy Harris, Mr. Liddall, Mr. Lloyd, Mr. Loftus, Mr. Robert Morrison, Mr. Naylor, Mr. Palmer, Sir Isidore Salmon, Mr. Sexton, Sir John Simon, Mr. Annesley Somerville, Mr. Storey, Mr. Wells, and Lieut.-Colonel Sir Arnold Wilson.