HC Deb 24 October 1935 vol 305 cc299-300
47. Mr. HOWARD

asked the Minister of Transport whether he will confer with all interests concerned to consider the advisability of scheduling as car parks those streets in the West End of London contiguous to theatres, restaurants, and other places of amusement, which are little used after 7 p.m., and placing licensed ex-service attendants in charge thereof, thus relieving police for more important duties and facilitating business and pleasure in an area where accommodation for motor vehicles is at present limited?


The suggestion made by my hon. Friend has already been considered on several occasions, but the conclusion has been that the parking of vehicles in a public street is a privileged use of the highway and should, so far as it is permitted, be confined within narrow limits. In pursuance of this policy a number of parking places have been appointed in the West End and elsewhere where cars may wait for limited periods not exceeding two hours. My right hon. Friend is not, however, prepared to authorise the appointment of further parking places in the West End for vehicles which in his opinion should in the general interest be accommodated in garages off the public highway.


Does my hon. and gallant Friend realise that my request is for after the hour of 7 p.m., when the streets in the West End are practically deserted?

Captain HUDSON

I think there is a difference of opinion as to whether these streets are deserted. The Commissioner of Police makes rules for picking up and setting down at theatres and other places, which usually meet the case.


Could I invite my hon. and gallant Friend to accompany me one night?