HC Deb 26 July 1935 vol 304 cc2181-220

Order for Consideration for Lords Amendments read.

Motion made, and Question, "That the Lords Amendments be now considered," put, and agreed to.—[Sir K. Wood.]

Lords Amendments considered accordingly.

  1. CLAUSE 3.—(Offences in relation to overcrowding.) 129 words
  2. c2181
  3. CLAUSE 4.—(Power of Minister to increase the permitted number temporarily to meet exceptional conditions.) 73 words
  4. c2182
  5. CLAUSE 5.—(Potter of local authority to authorise the temporary use of a house by persons in excess of the permitted number.) 9 words
  6. cc2182-5
  7. CLAUSE 6.—(Entries in rent books, information and certificates with respect to the permitted number.) 1,269 words, 1 division
  8. c2185
  9. CLAUSE 10.—(Enforcement of foregoing provisions.) 135 words
  10. cc2185-90
  11. CLAUSE 12.—(Definitions for purposes of provisions relating to overcrowding.) 1,983 words
  12. c2191
  13. CLAUSE 15.—(Purchase of land for the purposes of re-development.) 175 words
  14. cc2191-2
  15. CLAUSE 16.—(Application of certain provisions of the Acts of 1925 and of 1930 for purposes of re-development provisions.) 207 words
  16. cc2192-3
  17. CLAUSE 24.—(Central Housing Advisory Committee.) 467 words
  18. cc2193-9
  19. CLAUSE 27.—(Power of local authorities to make arrangements with housing associations.) 2,630 words, 1 division
  20. cc2199-200
  21. NEW CLAUSE A.—(Unification of conditions affecting housing associations' houses.) 224 words
  22. cc2200-2
  23. CLAUSE 28.—(Amendments of the Act of 1925 as to public utility societies, & c.) 584 words
  24. c2202
  25. CLAUSE 42.—(Credits and debits in Housing Revenue Account.) 86 words
  26. cc2202-3
  27. CLAUSE 61.—(Amendment as to buildings in clearance area on ground of bad arrangement, etc., and repeal of provision for reduction of compensation.) 191 words
  28. cc2203-4
  29. NEW CLAUSE B.—(Obligation of the Minister to state reasons for deciding that a building is unfit for human habitation.) 533 words
  30. cc2204-5
  31. CLAUSE 62.—(Payments in respect of well-maintained houses). 318 words
  32. c2205
  33. CLAUSE 63.—(Arrangements where acquisition of land in clearance area found to be unnecessary). 44 words
  34. c2206
  35. CLAUSE 66.—(Amendment of Act of 1925, Section 6, as to bye-laws). 156 words
  36. cc2206-14
  37. CLAUSE 68.—(Power to purchase compulsorily land not immediately required). 3,269 words
  38. c2215
  39. NEW CLAUSE C.—(Power of local authorities to enforce covenants against owner for time being of land.) 206 words
  40. cc2215-6
  41. CLAUSE 76.—(Service of Notices, etc.) 190 words
  42. c2216
  43. CLAUSE 78.—(Amendment as to extinquishment of rights of way.) 145 words
  44. cc2216-7
  45. CLAUSE 79.—(Power of local authority to cleanse from vermin building to be demolished under clearance or demolition order.) 233 words
  46. cc2217-8
  47. NEW CLAUSE D.—(Limitation of time for offer to repair insanitary house.) 472 words
  48. c2218
  49. CLAUSE 80.—(Extension of power to make a closing order as to part of a building.) 119 words
  50. c2219
  51. CLAUSE 83.—(Power of county court to vary lease where part of premises demolished.) 121 words
  52. cc2219-20
  53. CLAUSE 84.—(Amendments as to allowances in respect of demolition, etc.) 173 words
  54. c2220
  55. SIXTH SCHEDULE.—(Consequential, drafting and minor Amendment.) 18 words