HC Deb 25 July 1935 vol 304 c2015

(by Private Notice) asked the Under-Secretary of State for India whether troops of the King's (Liverpool) Regiment stationed at Jubbulpore have been confined to barracks as the result of an affray between them and villagers; and whether he can give the House full information on the matter?


Yes, Sir. The following official statement was issued at Simla last night: Accounts have appeared in the Press regarding an incident stated to have taken place on 18th July, near Jubbulpore, in which British soldiers, belonging to a regiment stationed at that place, and local villagers were concerned. Full details have not yet reached Army Headquarters, but from reports they have so far received, it appears that the facts are as follows. On 17th July a woman of the village of Karodi was frightened by a British soldier of the King's Regiment. Fearing molestation, she gave the alarm, whereupon some villagers turned out and assaulted the soldier. He was rescued by an individual from another village, and is now in hospital. The next night a party of men from his Regiment raided another village near by, mistaking it for Karodi, and injured 13 villagers, of whom one has since died. As soon as the incident was reported, the local military commander convened a Court of Enquiry under ordinary rules, and is investigating the matter in consultation with the local civil authorities. Until the report of this investigation is received, it is impossible to give further details of what actually happened. Meanwhile the Regiment has been confined to barracks. My Noble Friend has received only a brief telegraphic report of this regrettable incident from the Government of India, but he expects to receive a more detailed account when the local investigations have been completed.