HC Deb 19 December 1935 vol 307 c1937

asked the Home Secretary the number of local authorities that have clinics where domestic or other animals are treated for diseases or injuries and where they can be humanely destroyed when necessary; whether local authorities contribute money annually towards the upkeep of such clinics in England, Wales, or Scotland; whether any local authorities provide in the police stations in their areas any proper provision for the treatment of unwanted or strayed domestic animals as well as for their destruction; and what are the usual means employed by police officers for the humane destruction of such animals?


I can reply to this question only so far as it relates to the police in England and Wales. They would not attempt to treat injured or diseased animals, but would call in a veterinary surgeon when necessary, or convey the animal to some institution where it could be properly treated. As regards destruction, some police forces have a lethal chamber, but more generally they have standing arrangements with a local veterinary surgeon or dogs' home to undertake destruction in a suitable manner.