HC Deb 26 November 1934 vol 295 cc501-2
46. Mr. MUNRO for

asked the Prime Minister whether the official history of the Great War will continue to be published in sequence or whether the volume covering the events of 1917 is to be delayed and that for 1918 proceeded with in the meantime; and, if the latter is the case, will he say why the change has been made, in view of the importance of the politico-military lessons to be learnt from the events which took place in 1917?


I understand that the next volume of the official history to be published will deal with the earlier part of 1918. The progress of the work of publication has been upset by reductions of staff, made for reasons of economy; and, as the drafts and maps for the earlier part of 1918 were in a more advanced state than those for either 1916 or 1917, it was decided, especially in view of its peculiar interest, to finish the first 1918 volume forthwith.


Can my right hon. Friend say when this history will be complete and, in view of recent publications, when we shall get the official history of 1917?


If my right hon. Friend will put down his question, I shall be very glad to give him an answer, but I should like to obtain further information on the matter.

Lieut.-Colonel MOORE

Can my right hon. Friend say whether the right hon. Gentleman the Member for Carnarvon Boroughs (Mr. Lloyd George) will be requested to assist in the compilation of the history?