HC Deb 10 May 1934 vol 289 c1265

Read the First time; and referred to the Examiners of Petitions for Private Bills.

Countries. 1929. 1930. 1931. 1932. 1933.
Per cent. Per cent. Per cent. Per cent. Per cent.
Canada 15.0 16.2 17.4 20.6 24.4
Australia (years ended 30th June) 39.7 41.9 39.4 40.0 41.3
Union of South Africa 43.5 46.5 45.1 46.6 51.0
New Zealand 46.3 47.3 49.2 49.9 50.3
Newfoundland (years ended 30th June) 21.2 17.3 16.6 17.6 24.9
British India (years ended 31st March) 44.7 42.8 37.2 35.5 36.8
Irish Free State 78.1 80.1 80.8 76.0 69.9
Canada 24.5 26.5 28.3 36.1 39.6
Australia (years ended 30th June) 38.1 53.0 50.7 53.0 54.4
Union of South Africa 52.9 51.2 49.3 45.7 40.6
New Zealand 73.7 80.2 88.0 87.8 86.1
Newfoundland (years ended 30th June) 20.8 22.0 30.2 30.7 39.1
British India (years ended 31st March) 21.4 21.9 23.8 27.9 28.4
Irish Free State 92.3 91.4 96.3 96.3 94.1


1. The percentages are as published in the official trade returns, or other publications, of the respective countries. In a few cases the particulars for 1933 have been compiled, on the same basis as those for earlier years, from preliminary trade figures.

2. The following are the more important differences in the statistical methods employed in the various countries and in the scope of the figures on which the above percentages have been calculated :

  1. I. Imports are classified according to countries of origin in Australia, New Zealand and the Union of South Africa. The remaining countries record by countries of consignment.
  2. II. The export figures for Canada and the Union of South Africa represent exports of domestic produce only; for the remaining countries, total exports, i.e. inclusive of re-exports, are given. The re-exports trade of these countries is relatively insignificant.
  3. III. A certain amount of bullion is included in the figures for Canada; in the case of Australia, New Zealand, Union of South Africa (imports only) and Newfoundland, all bullion and coin is included. The figures for the Irish Free State and British India exclude all bullion and coin and those of exports from the Union of South Africa exclude gold bullion and coin.
  4. IV. The figures for the Union of South Africa do not take account of trade with Rhodesia and Territory of South West Africa; figures for British India are based on sea-borne trade only.
  5. V. Imports and exports of Government Stores are excluded in the case of the Union of South Africa and British India.
  6. VI. Imports into Canada from the United Kingdom are valued at par of exchange, and from other countries at rates based on current exchange rates.