HC Deb 06 March 1934 vol 286 cc1637-8

asked the Secretary of State for Scotland if he is aware of the dissatisfaction in the country with the opposition of the Marr Trustees to the scheme of the Education Endowment Commissioners for the control of Marr College, Troon; and if the Scottish Education Office intend to take early action to have the college made available for public education?


I am not aware that the Marr Trustees are offering objections to the amended scheme which has now been adjusted between the Commissioners and the Department. The scheme as thus adjusted was advertised on 16th February, 1934. The hon. Member will recollect that the Statute requires from that date a period of two months during which the Department will receive any objections to the scheme made to them in writing. If at the conclusion of that period the Department approves the scheme, the Statute requires a further period of two months before the scheme is submitted to His Majesty in Council for final approval. That period is to give objectors an opportunity of petitioning that the scheme should be laid before Parliament. The hon. Member will thus see that, owing to the elaborate procedure laid down by Parliament, the Department's powers to expedite the opening of the Marr College are strictly limited, but I can assure him that no action by the Department will in any way prolong the period which must elapse before that opening takes place.

Lieut.-Colonel MOORE

Is my hon. Friend aware that this college has been empty for three years now; and will he bear in mind that if, in spite of the fact that the place has an endowment, four months more are to elapse before any action can be taken, for that period children will be kept out who, otherwise, might be taking advantage of this education?


That is true, but I am afraid that I cannot alter the statutory procedure. It is rather rash of me to say so, but I think I am safe in saying that there is no particular reason to anticipate that there will be any extraneous cause of further delay.

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