HC Deb 29 June 1934 vol 291 cc1453-95

As amended (in the Standing Committee and on recommittal), further considered.

  1. CLAUSE 5.—(Tests of competence to drive of new applicants for licences and of offenders ordered to be tested.) 67 words
  2. cc1453-4
  3. CLAUSE 7.—(Duty of insurers to satisfy judgments against persons insured in respect of third-party risks.) 434 words
  4. cc1454-61
  5. CLAUSE 9.—(Avoidance of restrictions on scope of policies covering third-party risks.) 2,790 words
  6. cc1461-3
  7. CLAUSE 13.—(Payments and insurance in respect of emergency treatment of injuries arising from the use of motor vehicles on roads.) 843 words
  8. c1463
  9. CLAUSE 15.—(Foot-passenger crossings.) 68 words
  10. c1463
  11. CLAUSE 17.—(Restrictions on carriage of persons on bicycles.) 22 words
  12. cc1464-5
  13. CLAUSE 23.—(Amendment as to use of vehicles on special occasions for the conveyance of private parties.) 577 words
  14. cc1465-8
  15. CLAUSE 28.—(Licences of drivers of heavy goods vehicles.) 1,166 words
  16. cc1468-9
  17. CLAUSE 30.—(Provisions as to proceedings.) 246 words
  18. c1469
  19. CLAUSE 35.—(Application to Scotland.) 43 words
  20. cc1469-73
  21. FIRST SCHEDULE.—(Limits of Speed.) 1,569 words
  22. cc1473-95
  23. THIRD SCHEDULE.—(Consequential and minor Amendments.) 8,912 words