HC Deb 19 June 1934 vol 291 cc319-54

Further considered in Committee [Progress, 13th June].

[Captain BOURNE in the Chair.]

10.3 p.m.


I beg to move, "That the Chairman do report Progress, and ask leave to sit again."

Before we deal with the first Amendment, I have a question which I should like to put to the Patronage Secretary. It is now three minutes past 10, and, seeing that Members of the National Government have occupied some 80 or 90 per cent. of the whole of the time to-day up to the present, I would like to know how far he hopes. to go with the Milk Bill.

10.4 p.m.


When the business was announced for to-day the Government said they would like to get the Second Reading of the Petroleum Bill, to conclude the Committee stage of the Milk Bill and to conclude the Committee stage of the British Sugar (Subsidy) Bill. We have now completed the first part of our task. I always like to feel that I am meeting the wishes of the House, and I think that if we abandon the final part of our task and content ourselves with getting the Committee stage of the Milk Bill the Government will be satisfied. We made a good start a few nights ago, there is only a little left to be done, and I hope that the Committee stage may be concluded without the House having to sit unduly late.


I hope the right hon. and gallant Gentleman appreciates that there are several Amendments on the Order Paper which are of vital importance, and, much as we desire not to waste time, I rather fear that his reply means that the Committee will have to sit till a late hour.

Question, "That the Chairman do report Progress, and ask leave to sit again," put, and negatived.

  1. CLAUSE 11.—(Contributions from Exchequer towards expenses of milk marketing boards.) 10,770 words
  2. cc347-51
  3. CLAUSE 12.—(Extension of junctions of milk marketing boards.) 1,472 words
  4. cc351-4
  5. CLAUSE 13.—(Interpretation.) 875 words