HC Deb 10 July 1934 vol 292 cc168-9
26. Mr. MANDER

asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs whether, in view of the fact that the firm of Vickers-Armstrong, Limited, depend very largely on armament orders for its existence, he will take the necessary steps to have the record of the Disarmament Conference corrected, in which it was stated this country possessed no private armament enterprises?


So far as I am aware, no statement that this country possesses no private arma- ment enterprises is included in the records of the Disarmament Conference. Moreover, in the reply sent by His Majesty's Government to the questionnaire drawn up on the 19th October, 1932, by the Committee for the Regulation of the Trade in and Manufacture of Arms, Messrs. Vickers-Armstrong, Limited, is specifically referred to as one of the largest firms manufacturing armaments in this country.


May I call the attention of my right hon. Friend to the document I had in mind?


Will the Lord Privy Seal make representations to the Prime Minister with a view to adding the name of the hon. Member for East Wolverhampton (Mr. Mander) to those of the four Commissioners appointed to investigate conditions in the distressed areas so that he can act as counterweight to those who seek to reduce unemployment?

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