HC Deb 09 July 1934 vol 292 cc9-10
14. P. HURD

asked the Minister of Agriculture what arrangements have been made for the regulation of imports of processed milks after 30th June?


The Governments of the foreign countries mainly concerned in the United Kingdom market for condensed milk, milk powder, and cream have been asked to arrange for the following reductions in supplies as from 1st July, the reductions in each case being based on imports during the corresponding months of the year previous to the introduction of the voluntary import regulation arrangements, namely, June, 1932-May, 1933: Condensed skimmed milk.—Continuance for the time being of the reduction of 22½ per cent. Condensed whole milk and milk powder.—Continuance for the time being of the reduction of 20 per cent. Cream.—Reduction of 33⅓ per cent. for the quarter ending 30th September. The Governments of the Commonwealth of Australia and of the Dominions of Canada and New Zealand have been asked to continue during the quarter ending 30th September the co-operation which they have been good enough to afford since the regulation of imports of processed milks was first introduced. Arrangements are also being made to secure reductions in imports of condensed whole and skimmed milk and cream from the Irish Free State.

It will be appreciated that, since the bulk of our imports of processed milks, other than cream, from foreign countries is supplied by the Netherlands, the position as regards import regulation is for the time being governed by the agreement recently concluded for the maintenance of the status quo in trade relations between the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, pending the negotiation of a trade agreement.


May we take it that in the pending negotiations my right hon. Friend is taking care that the interest of the British milk producers is fully upheld?


Yes, Sir. My hon. Friend may take that fully as an assurance from me.


During these negotiations will the right hon. Gentleman also bear in mind the possibility of a large reduction in the sale of coal, and will he consider the interest of the mining industry?

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