HC Deb 05 July 1934 vol 291 c2048
13 and 15. Brigadier-General NATION

asked the Home Secretary (1) what progress is being made with the scheme to provide modern section houses, or, alternatively, reconditioning the existing one, in which about a quarter of the constables of the Metropolitan Police reside and which are at present out of date from the point of view of comfort, privacy, and feeding arrangements;

(2) what steps he is taking to provide the two modern up-to-date and properly-equipped section houses for the Metropolitan Police that have been recommended and which are urgently required, one north of the Thames and one south?


I am glad to have an opportunity of making a statement on this important matter, which I am aware has aroused a great deal of public attention. I have myself visited a number of these houses, and am convinced that the need for improvement is urgent. The Commissioner in his Annual Report for 1933 suggested the provision at an early date of two new up-to-date section houses. I have now approved the provision of four such houses to be constructed as soon as possible. Two will be reconstructions of existing section houses north of the Thames, and the third, a new section house on the south side. They will comprise all the various improvements which were referred to in the Commissioner's Annual Report as necessary to bring the present section-house accommodation thoroughly up to date. At the same time, a general programme is being drawn up with all possible speed for the building or reconstruction of other section houses on modern lines.

Brigadier-General NATION

Will my right hon. Friend say when the general scheme is likely to be put in hand? Will it be this year or next year?


Yes, I hope that with regard to four houses immediate steps will be taken to deal with the matter.

Brigadier - General NATION

What about the general scheme?


As soon as I am able to get it finally settled.

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