HC Deb 13 February 1934 vol 285 cc1771-893

Considered in Committee (6th Allotted Day).

[Sir DENNIS HERBERT in the Chair.]

  1. CLAUSE 20.—(Duty of Unemployment Insurance Statutory Committee as to insurance of persons employed in agriculture.) 15,824 words, 2 divisions
  2. cc1809-10
  3. CLAUSE 21.—(Amendments as to arrangements with associations of employed persons.) 239 words
  4. cc1810-1
  5. CLAUSE 23.—(Amendments as to offences.) 435 words
  6. cc1811-3
  7. CLAUSE 25.—(Amendment of s. 41 of principal Act, and application of Acts to officers of reserve forces.) 791 words
  8. cc1813-20
  9. CLAUSE 27.—(Power of Minister to assist schemes for promoting greater regularity of employment.) 2,526 words
  10. cc1820-38
  11. CLAUSE 31.—(Interpretation of Part I and construction of references.) 6,883 words
  12. cc1838-41
  13. CLAUSE 32.—(Application of Part I to Scotland). 2,005 words, 1 division
  14. cc1841-93
  15. CLAUSE 33.—(Commencement, extent and citation of Part I.) 20,141 words