HC Deb 07 February 1934 vol 285 cc1127-8
35. Mr. GUY

asked the Minister of Transport if he will state the total receipts from licence duties on motor vehicles from 1919 to the nearest convenient date; and also the total payments to local authorities out of the Road Fund during the said period?


As the answer contains a number of figures, I will, with my hon. Friend's permission, circulate it in the OFFICIAL REPORT.

Following is the answer:

The present system of motor licence duties came into force on the 1st January, 1921, but for comparative purposes it is convenient to take the figures of receipts and payments during completed financial years and the following are the figures for the years 1921–1922 to 1932–1933 inclusive:

Total receipts into the Exchequer from motor licence duties, including duties on horse-drawn vehicles, drivers' licences and fines 253,580,000
Payments to local authorities out of the Road Fund, including contributions from the Road Fund to the Block Grants under the Local Government Acts, refund of costs of collection, etc. 214,218,000

To reconcile these figures, account must be taken of the following receipts and payments on Road Fund Account and also of the Exdhequer's share of duties on vehicles in the horse-power and cycle classes retained under the Finance Act of 1926:

Receipts into Exchequer from licence duties, etc., as above 253,580,000
Balance on Road Fund Account at 31st March, 1921 13,301,000
Exchequer Advances to the Road Fund 7,210,000
Interest on Road Fund Investments, fees, etc. 4,263,000
Payments to Local Authorities out of the Road Fund, as above 214,218,000
Amount transferred to the Exchequer from the Road Fund in 1926 and 1927 19,000,000
Exchequer share of horse-power and cycle classes 35,558,000
Administration expenses, etc. 2,895,000
Direct Works 5,607,000
Miscellaneous payments 691,000
Balance on Road Fund Account at 31st March, 1933 385,000