HC Deb 04 May 1933 vol 277 c1002

asked the President of the Board of Trade whether he proposes to take any steps to ensure that any benefits now given to certain foreign countries by new trade treaties and agreements are not also given to all other foreign countries having most-favoured-nation clauses in their trade treaties with this country and which have not conceded anything in return for such advantages?


Countries entitled under existing treaties to most-favoured-nation treatment will enjoy the benefits of any reductions which are accorded by the arrangements now being negotiated, hut His Majesty's Government propose in due course to undertake negotiations with other foreign countries, and they will certainly not be prepared to continue indefinitely to accord full most-favoured-nation treatment to countries which show themselves unwilling to meet the reasonable requirements of this country in regard to the treatment of United Kingdom goods.

Brigadier-General Sir HENRY CROFT

Can the right hon. Gentleman state how long it would take to denounce these treaties, supposing he did take action such as he has indicated?


I could not say without notice being given of the question.