HC Deb 26 June 1933 vol 279 cc1165-6

asked the Home Secretary whether, in view of the recent prosecution of a motorist attempting to cross a road when the green light was changing to amber, he will state, for public information, what instructions are given to the police on the subject in the Metropolitan Police area?


I think my hon. Friend must refer to a case heard at Bow Street Police Court on the 7th instant in which a driver was prosecuted for proceeding against a red signal and the defence was that the amber light was showing. The purpose of the amber light with the red is to indicate the impending change from red to green; vehicles can get ready to start but must on no account move until the green appears. The amber light shown alone after the green means "stop," and the duty of an approaching driver is to stop short of the signal when the amber light appears unless his stoppage would be so sudden as to endanger his own vehicle or the traffic behind him.

Sir G. FOX

Will the right hon. Gentleman inform us as to the legal position of a pedestrian who attempts to cross the road when the light changes from green to amber?


I think if he chooses to cross in those circumstances he does so at his own risk.