HC Deb 24 October 1932 vol 269 cc595-6
40 and 41. Mr. HALL-CAINE

asked the Postmaster-General (1) the amount of economy which it is expected to effect by the amalgamation of Bournemouth and Poole into one postal area; and whether, in estimating the advantages of adopting such a policy, he has considered the financial loss which will thereby be entailed to the community at Poole;

(2) what is proposed with respect to the amalgamation of Poole and Bournemouth in one postal area; whether this amalgamation will leave Poole and Park-stone with their postmarks as at present; what will be the effect of this amalgamation on outward, inland, and local mails; whether he can state the position of the Poole postal staff in connection with any such amalgamation; and whether they will in all cases be guaranteed against loss, direct or indirect?


The proposal is to combine the Bournemouth and Poole postal areas under one Head Postmaster. Correspondence posted in any part of the area will be date stamped "Bournemouth and Poole." No change will be made in Inward Mail arrangements; but outward correspondence will be centred on Bournemouth, and improved outlets will in consequence be afforded for Poole correspondence. Local correspondence between Poole and Bournemouth should be accelerated. All the Poole staff can be provided for in the amalgamated area; and the detailed staffing arrangements are being discussed with them locally. The saving is estimated at considerably over£1,000 a year. I am not aware that there will be any financial loss to the community at Poole. The Poole Town Council have been consulted as to the change and have raised no opposition.


Does my right hon. Friend realise the strong resentment among the traders of Poole, who have not been consulted on this question of joining the ancient name of Poole with the name of Bournemouth?


I cannot understand that. If my hon. Friend would explain to them that it will result in a saving of£1,000 a year, I think they would appreciate some of the advantage of the arrangement.


Does my right hon. Friend not consider that this amalgamation will add to the dignity, the prestige and the happiness of the people of Poole?


Is it proposed to reduce the number of employés in the area?


No. I said that the whole of the Poole staff is to be provided for in the amalgamated area and that the details of the staffing arrangements are being discussed with them locally.