HC Deb 16 June 1932 vol 267 cc529-30

Will the Lord President of the Council state the business for next week?


On Monday, Supply, Committee, Ministry of Transport Vote, Hire Purchase and Small Debts (Scotland) Bill, Report and Third Reading.

Tuesday: National Health Insurance and Contributory Pensions Bill, Report and Third Reading.

Wednesday: Supply, Committee, Votes for the Departments of Health and Agriculture, Scotland.

Thursday: Supply, Committee.

The Vote to be taken on Thursday, as well as the business for Friday, will be announced later.

On any day, if there is time, other Orders will be taken.


Has the right hon. Gentleman seen a Notice of Motion on the Paper, in the name of my colleagues and myself, and will he be able to give us an early day for the discussion of that Motion? [Trade and Unemployment,—That His Majesty's Government, having appealed to the country for a free hand to take such action as it thought fit to restore national prosperity and to deal with unemployment, and having entirely failed in these objects as is shown by the steady diminution of trade and industry at home and abroad and the increase of unemployment, together with the deplorable conditions to which the unemployed are being subjected, has forfeited the confidence of this House.]


I have seen that Motion, and I am astonished at the wording of it. I should be only too pleased to provide accommodation for the right hon. Gentleman, and I should like, if possible, and if agreeable to him, to do so on Thursday.


We are obliged to the right hon. Gentleman, and may I say we shall continue to cause astonishment and a little trouble occasionally.


Can the right hon. Gentleman say when he expects the Hire Purchase and Small Debt (Scotland) Bill to be reached on Monday? Will it be taken late?


I do not think so, but I shall be able to answer the question better on Monday.


Does the right hon. Gentleman think that one day is an adequate allocation of time for the further stages of the National Health Insurance and Contributory Pensions Bill? The Minister of Health promised an extended Debate upon an Amendment moved by some hon. Members on the other side. I know that my hon. Friends have one or two points which they wish to raise, and therefore I ask the right hon. Gentleman if he thinks that one day is a sufficient allocation in the circumstances?


If I had not thought so, I should not have put it down. The Bill has had a very thorough investigation and discussion during the Committee stage, and, as at present advised, I think that the time provided will be found to be sufficient.