HC Deb 13 July 1932 vol 268 c1270
30. Major PROCTER

asked the President of the Board of Trade if, in the interests of Lancashire unemployed workers, the Government will put an embargo on the export of second-hand textile machinery now lying in empty factories?


The action suggested would be contrary to the International Convention for the Abolition of Import and Export Prohibitions and Restrictions, and to the Anglo-German Commercial Treaty of 1924.


Is the hon. Gentleman aware that Germany has put a duty, virtually an embargo, of £400 a ton upon such machinery and so also has Switzerland? Is he further aware that our policy permits our competitors to buy up derelict machinery at scrap-iron prices, and to use it in competition with our cotton manufacturers?


I confined my answer to the question put by my hon. Friend. He asked whether we will put an embargo on the export of second-hand machinery. I have informed him that that is contrary to Treaty. What Germany has done is to put a duty on.


Might I ask my hon. Friend whether the Government will also put a duty on?