HC Deb 12 December 1932 vol 273 cc28-9

asked the Minister of Labour if his attention has been drawn to the pioneer work that is being done at the present time by the Salvation Army in helping the unemployed lads in the mining areas of South Wales by training them for work on the land; and whether, in view of the success that has attended their efforts, he will consider recommending a grant out of public funds so that this work may be extended?

The MINISTER of LABOUR (Sir Henry Betterton)

I know of this scheme, but I am afraid that I have no funds out of which I can assist it with a grant.


asked the Minister of Labour whether, in view of the desire expressed in many quarters to offer individual service in the interests of the unemployed, he will issue a circular giving a list of all the social welfare organisations, occupational centres, etc., which are concerned with schemes of assistance for the unemployed both in the industrial and agricultural districts, together with a. statement as to how individual effort in this connection can be most advantageously made use of?


The National Council of Social Service have issued a publication entitled "Unemployment and Opportunity," which describes typical examples of schemes of this kind, and there is a similar publication, "For the Unemployed," issued by the Christian Social Council. It will, I hope, be possible a little later on to issue further suggestions in some suitable form.


In view of the fact that what the Minister has referred to does not meet the first part of my suggestion, about giving a list of these organisations, will the Minister supply a list from his Department?


I will consider that when I am considering the possibility of issuing further suggestions later on.