HC Deb 20 April 1932 vol 264 cc1460-1

asked the Minister of Transport why the continuous excavations and alterations at Piccadilly Circus are not carried on at night as well as during the day, in view of the obstruction to traffic causing a greater loss to the public than, the extra expense of nightwork?

18. Mr. HARVEY

asked the Minister of Transport if, in view of the interruption to traffic caused by the works in progress at Piccadilly Circus, he will exercise his powers to see that the works are finished without delay and that traffic is interrupted as little as possible?


The programme of work in Piccadilly Circus has been arranged in consultation with the Commissioner of Police, the Westminster City Council and the Underground Railways, so as to cause the minimum of inconvenience to traffic. Owing to the difference in levels, certain works have to be carried out in sequence and not concurrently. The work now in progress is being carried on in three shifts and continuously except for a break between midday Saturday and 8 p.m. Sunday. It is expected that these operations will be completed by the end of May.


Will my hon. Friend point out to all those authorities who are responsible for this work that the conduct of it is regarded on all sides as an outstanding example of muddle and inefficiency?


No, I do not think I can justifiably point that out.