HC Deb 20 April 1932 vol 264 cc1458-60
21. Mr. HALES

asked the Minister of Transport whether he has yet reached any decision as to an amendment of the regulations relating to parking places in London so as to enable owners to lock their cars when leaving them on a parking place?


Yes, Sir. In view of the obvious desire of motorists to be allowed to lock up their cars when leaving them at a parking place, I have taken up this matter with my right hon. Friend the Home Secretary and the Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis, who are concerned from more than one point of view. I now propose to try, provisionally and as an experiment, the effect of so amending the regulations as to meet the general request of motorists by the deletion of the requirement that a vehicle shall be so left at a parking place that it can be moved from one position to another by manual power. I am, however, under statutory obligation to consult the London Traffic Advisory Committee before amending this regulation, but I shall take steps to that end without delay.

The motoring public will realise that this experiment is being made for their own convenience and the safety of their property. I hope and believe, however, that they will co-operate with the Commissioner of Police and myself by seeing that where cars are parked head to tail two or three feet are left between the front and the back of each car. The police cannot be responsible in any way if a car locked too close to another causes its neighbour to be imprisoned.

With regard to places outside the London traffic area there is no regulation in existence issued by me which would prevent local authorities adopting a similar practice.


Is my hon. Friend aware of the satisfaction expressed by all sections of the community at the prompt action taken by him in dealing with these motor bandits?


Is my hon. Friend aware that this proposed very desirable alteration in the Regulations is in the interests not only of motorists, but of the general public, whose property is often robbed by means of cars which are stolen from motorists?


I am very glad to hear that expression of opinion.


Will my hon. Friend take steps to bring this to the notice particularly of those authorities in the provinces whom he controls indirectly, if not directly?