HC Deb 30 September 1931 vol 257 cc351-2
19. Major NATHAN

asked the Minister of Transport whether he has received any reports upon the working of the electric control signals in Oxford Street; and whether he is satisfied that the experiment has proved successful?


I am satisfied that the experimental system of control of traffic in Oxford Street by means of light signals has proved its usefulness in increasing the flow of traffic and relieving congestion. Observations were taken throughout three days as nearly comparable as possible, the first on a date before the regulations were made, the second after the regulations had been made but before the light signals were working, and the third ten days after the signals came into operation. The observations, though necessarily limited in their scope, showed a progressive improvement. The average speed on journeys taken by the test vehicles in Oxford Street showed an increase of nearly 50 per cent. between the first day and the last, the saving of time being about four minutes on each journey. During the more congested afternoon hours the increase in average speed was no less than 90 per cent. and the saving of time on each journey nearly eight minutes. I have now asked the London Traffic Advisory Committee to consider and report upon the representations which have been received with regard to the regulations.


Does the hon. Gentleman propose to apply the same procedure to other congested areas in London?


It is proposed to recommend those areas to look into the matter and decide whether they will adopt it or not.


Has it been found possible to dispense with the services of any of the police on point duty?


I should require notice of that question.