HC Deb 06 October 1931 vol 257 cc979-80

(by Private Notice) asked the Financial Secretary to the Treasury what arrangements have been made in regard to the use by Members of their railway vouchers in the event of the Dissolution of Parliament?


The following arrangements have been made, and I would ask hon. Members to co-operate as closely as possible with the authorities of the House in securing their observance:

  1. 1. A Member may, if necessary, use one voucher for the single journey to his constituency immediately after the Dissolution. (Where, of course, a Member holds the return half of a ticket entitling him to return to his constituency, the use of a further voucher will not be necessary.)
  2. 2. A Member will retain possession of his current book of vouchers and will be at liberty to commence using them, as before, immediately on re-election.
  3. 3. A Member will not use any vouchers during the period between the use of the special voucher under No. 1 above and his re-election.
  4. 4. A Member defeated at the poll will return his book of vouchers immediately after the declaration of the poll.
  5. 5. A Member in possession of a book of vouchers and not seeking re-election may retain one voucher for use as under No. 1 above and will return the remainder of his book to the Fees Office.
  6. 6. A Member will be asked to reimburse the amount of any fares covered by vouchers the use of which is not in accordance with the above provisions.


In view of the very detailed announcement made by the Financial Secretary, perhaps the Prime Minister can now tell us the date of the Election?