HC Deb 14 May 1931 vol 252 cc1349-50
32 and 33. Sir WILLIAM JENKINS

asked the President of the Board of Education (1) what facilities there are in England and Wales for training men in physical culture, art, and handicraft; and whether there is a sufficient supply of teachers to meet the demand in the schools;

(2) what grants are being made towards the training of teachers in domestic science, physical training, handicraft, and art?


Physical training is included in the course of every ordinary student at a two-year training college, and of a large and increasing number of graduates who take a one-year course of training. Art and handicraft are both subjects of the ordinary course of training; and at two training colleges in England the whole course is planned for students taking handicraft to an advanced stage. In the past some local education authorities have found difficulty in obtaining a sufficient supply of suitable teachers of these subjects for the different types of school; but steps have been taken to increase the supply. For teachers of domestic subjects there are 10 training colleges in England and one in Wales. All the training colleges referred to are aided by grant.

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