HC Deb 12 February 1931 vol 248 cc552-5

asked the Minister of Labour the number of people disallowed unemployment benefit in Liverpool and the reason for disallowance during the months of November, 1930, December, 1930, January, 1931,

Claims to Benefit made at Employment Exchanges in Liverpool* disallowed during the period specified below.
A. Decisions by Insurance Officers, 15th October, 1929–13th January, 1930.
Grounds of Disallowance. Number of claims disallowed.
15th Oct., 1929–11th Nov., 1929. 12th Nov., 1929–9th Dec., 1929. 10th Dec., 1929–13th Jan., 1930. Total.
Not unable to obtain suitable employment 33 52 49 134
Employment left voluntarily without just cause. 207 172 119 498
Employment lost through misconduct 98 99 79 276
Not normally insurable and will not normally seek to obtain a livelihood by means of insurable employment, and 504 438 438 1,380
Not a reasonable period of insurable employment during the preceding two years.
Not genuinely seeking work† 1,158 1,090 1,168 3,416
Other grounds 99 121 91 311
Total 2,099 1,972 1,944 6,015

November, 1929, December, 1929, and January, 1930?


As the reply is in the form of a table, I will circulate it in the OFFICIAL REPORT.

Following is the table:


asked the Minister of Labour the number of women who have been disallowed unemployment benefits by the Wigan Court of Referees on the ground of refusing to accept domestic service or canteen work during the last six months; and the disallowances of a similar kind by the St. Helens Court of Referees for the same period?

41 and 42. Mr. LAWRIE

asked the Minister of Labour (1) the total number of cotton workers who, owing to unwillingness to accept domestic service, have been refused unemployment benefit in each of the following towns: Stalybridge, Hyde and Dukinfield;

(2) how many cotton workers have been refused unemployment benefit in Stalybridge on the grounds of refusing canteen employment; and what are the similar figures in each of the districts where canteen employment was offered to cotton workers by the Department?


I am arranging to collect such information from the Employment Exchanges in the areas named as can be obtained without undue labour, and will communicate it to my hon. Friends.


Has the right hon. Lady seen the report of a statement made by a member of the Court of Referees at Stalybridge, to the effect that 600 out of 900 have been turned down for refusing domestic service?


I have not seen that statement, and I should be glad if the hon. Member would bring it to my notice.

Lieut.-Commander KENWORTHY

Has the right hon. Lady considered the psychological effect of altering the name "domestic service" to something else?

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