HC Deb 26 June 1930 vol 240 cc1319-20

asked the Minister of Labour the total loan commitments of the different local authorities of the country which have been incurred in connection with schemes for the relief of unemployment and for which State assistance has been received?


Since 1st June, 1929, loans have been sanctioned by the Ministry of Health in respect of expenditure on approved schemes of work for the relief of unemployment to the total of £31,190,968. In addition schemes have been approved by the Unemployment Grants Committee of an estimated total cost of £1,155,960, the loan sanctions in respect of which have still to be determined.

Wholly Unemployed. Temporarily Stopped. Total.
Men 18–64 20,571 40,688 61,259
Boys 16–17 664 2,244 2,908
Women 18–64 55,985 79,229 135,214
Girls 16–17 1,230 4,154 5,384
Total 78,450 126,315 204,765
* Includes the counties of Lancashire, Cheshire, Cumberland, Westmorland and the New Mills and Glossop districts of Derbyshire.
Colonel ASHLEY

Can the Minister say, roughly, what resources have been found available by the local authorities?


Not without notice.


How does the Minister account for the fact that, in spite of this enormous programme, the number of unemployed has gone up by nearly 700,000?